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Dahon Ciao D5
You'll cruise in style and comfort on Dahon’s Ciao D5. Its upright riding position, easy on/off step..
Dahon Curve D3
Climb aboard Dahon's Curve D3 and experience a new world of cycling convenience, versatility and fun..
Dahon Espresso D21
Dahon’s Espresso D21 is the perfect bike for any adventure. Its efficient easy-riding, folding alumi..
Dahon Formula S18
Dahon's Formula S18 offers big performance in a small package and is an amazingly versatile bicycle ..
Dahon Jack D7
Dahon’s Jack D7 is a go-everywhere, do-everything folding bicycle that'll change your life by lettin..
Dahon JetStream P8
Dahon's JetStream P8 is an elegant, fully-suspended folding bike. Its light, nimble-handling aluminu..
Dahon Jifo
Since riding is faster than walking, and often quicker than driving in a city, Dahon's Jifo 16 is th..
Dahon Mariner D7
You'll be cruising the streets and trails in style with Dahon's Mariner D7. This cool, versatile fol..
Dahon Mu P24
Get Dahon's Mu P24 and get ready to enjoy owning a simple and wonderful way to zoom around the city,..
Dahon Mu P8
Let Dahon's Mu P8 add more fun to your commuting rides! This deluxe ride offers the perfect blend of..
Dahon Mu Uno
Cruiser bike simplicity meets urban bike necessity with Dahon's Mu Uno. This sturdy singlespeed bike..
Dahon Speed D7
Riding Dahon's Speed D7 is all about fun and pure riding pleasure. This versatile folding bike fea..
Dahon Speed P8
Busy cities, beautiful country loops and even fast rides with friends are all great uses for Dahon's..
Dahon Speed Uno
Dahon's Speed Uno is always ready for fun and pure riding pleasure. This versatile folding bike feat..
Dahon Vector X27H
Dahon's Vector X27h is in a class by itself combining easy and fast foldability with high-end design..
Dahon Vitesse D7 HG
Dahon's Vitesse D7HG is the perfect ride whether you're headed to work, the grocery store, or a frie..
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Long Island Electric is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, owned and operated by Chris Nolte an Iraq war veteran. Chris served in Iraq and Kuwait from 2002-2003 and retired in 2005.

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