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Stromer ST1 Platinum

Brand: Stromer
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Stromer ST1 Platinum

Stromer ST1 Platinum, men's style frame. The ST1 Platinum has a 30 MPH Top End Speed and has outstanding acceleration with it's powerful 500W motor and great range with the 14.5 AH Lithium-ion battery.  This super star electric bike is the perfect choice for the ultimate bike enthusiast. 

The performance, range and state of the art technology will meet every expectation any top level rider may have. The Stromer ST1 Platinum is available in a 16.5" or 20" frame size in flat black, glossy white or a hot red color that will turn heads as you blow by other riders. 
The handle bar mounted Stromer ST1 computer LCD display has every conceivable data point that you could possibly ask for, including the rate of regenerative braking as the battery is being recharged.
Battery Battery is integrated into the frame, and can be easily removed at the press of a button. •Regenerative braking: Charge your battery and increase range simply by applying your brakes. Proprietary Smart Battery Management system provides accurate charge-level indication, cell balancing, and over-heating protection.Easily-removable and integrated Sanyo lithium ion battery for on-bike or off-bike charging.
Display LCD system provides real-time riding information and diagnostics support.
Motor Brushless hub motor: 500W (749W peak) motor is quiet, maintenance free, offers fast acceleration, and neatly integrated into rear wheel.
Warranty Industry-leading warranty: 3-year or 750-full-charge-cycle warranty for the Stromer high-tech battery, 2-year warranty for the motor, and 10-year warranty on the frame.
Weight 62 lbs
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Constance S. - Lynbrook, NY

My husband & I had been researching electric bikes for the past couple years but were somewhat frustrated that there was no place convenient for us to see and compare models. We had seen this site but were a bit put off by the fact we would have to make an appointment. Well, what a wonderful experience we had and I am so glad we called. Chris and Kyle spent so much time with us, discussing options, brands, what our needs would be but allowed us to draw our own conclusions. We never felt we were being pushed in any direction. We tried out a couple brands and decided on the BH Easy Motion. Chris discussed with us our needs for different tires, comfortable seats, panniers etc. After we brought our bikes home, we found we needed some adjustments. We called on our way back and the guys were there and ready to tune and tweak! We are spending some time on the North Fork/Shelter Island and are enjoying getting back into biking. Both of us are in our 60s and I had not been on a bicycle in about 15 years. A ten mile round trip to Horton's Lighthouse was a PLEASURE with the E Motion !!!!!! The different speeds as well as several levels of pedal assist gave us the flexibility we needed for different terrains and traffic conditions.. My personal favorite is the full assist (no pedalling at all) that I used for a while on the way back........NOT because I needed to but because I wanted to try it out. Going up the small hills on LI are effortless-no walking the bike for this lady. We plan to travel extensively in the future and our bikes will always be with us. We are VERY satisfied customers and are happy to recommed Long Island Electric Bikes. Thanks Chris and Kyle for everything.

Constance S.
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