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Pedego City Commuter Step-Through White Frame

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Pedego City Commuter Step-Through White Frame

What It Does Best: The Pedego City Commuter has all the comforts of the Pedego Comfort Cruiser with all the accessories of a commuter bike. If you prefer an upright seating position, pulled-back handlebars, balloon tires, and padded seat, but want to be able to use the bike for commuting and errands in addition to casual riding, this bike sets the gold standard.


Standard: The standard battery for the Pedego City Commuter is 36V 10Ah. It can be charged both on and off the bike.

Upgrade: Both the power and capacity can be upgraded: 36V 15Ah, 48V 10Ah, or 48V 15Ah. If you’d prefer greater acceleration, say for climbing hills, upgrading the voltage (V) is a good idea. If you’d like the battery to last longer, upgrading the amp hours (Ah) is a good idea.

Brakes: The Pedego City Commuter has mechanical disc brakes which provide very reliable stopping power. These brakes also come with the additional safety feature of a kill switch - when you apply the brakes, power from the motor will be cut off.


Purpose-built: The frame is purpose built, which means it was designed from scratch to be an electric bike by building the battery into the frame. This hides the wiring and offers greater protection to the battery & controller.

Frame style: The Pedego City Commuter comes in both a classic and step-through design. The only difference is the height of the top tube. It is mainly an aesthetic choice. The classic design makes the frame slightly stronger, and the step-through design makes it a little bit easier to get on and off the bike.

Color Options: The Pedego City Commuter comes in a black or white frame. There are also color options for the tires (see below). Pedego offers more color customization than any other electric bike company.


Motor: The Pedego City Commuter comes with a 400W geared, brushless rear hub motor. Geared motors weighing less, have a smaller diameter and are much more efficient than their gearless counterparts, providing exceptional torque especially when climbing hills. If you’re heavier than the average rider or your area has especially steep hills, the 48V battery and 500W motor upgrade is worth considering.

Riding Modes: In power-on-demand mode, the City Commuter can be ridden like a moped by applying the throttle or as a regular bicycle by pedaling. The bike also has five levels of pedal assist using a cadence sensor, giving you the ability to regulate how much help you receive from the motor while you pedal.

Top Speed: Like most electric bikes sold in the US, the Pedego City Commuter has a top speed with throttle of 20 mph in keeping with federal law. On the highest level of pedal assist with heavy pedaling, the City Commuter can reach at least 25 mph.

Drivetrain: The Pedego City Commuter has 7 speeds provided by Shimano Deore components.

Range: The Pedego City Commuter has a range of up to 40 miles on the lowest level of pedal assist.* Most riders should get at least 20 miles from the bike even under heavy use. By upgrading the battery to 15Ah, the range increases by 50%.

Sizing Options: The Pedego City Commuter comes in one standard size. Please contact us about specific fit needs.

Tires: The Pedego City Commuter comes with 28” x 2” Schwalbe Fat Frank balloon tires. These cushy tires make for a very comfortable ride. The standard color is brown, but the tires are available in black, brown, gray, or cream at no extra charge. Pedego offers more color customization than any other electric bike company.

Warranty: Pedego offers a one-year warranty on the bike and a three-year warranty on the battery.

Accessories: The Pedego City Commuter comes with fenders and a chain guard to protect your clothing, and integrated front & rear lights for nighttime riding. In addition, it comes with a rear cargo rack so you can carry what you need for work or errands while riding. We have a lot of experience outfitting bikes with additional accessories, so be sure to reach out if you need anything else.


*Range will always vary depending on use of the throttle, the pedal assist setting, how much you pedal, the type of terrain, and the rider’s weight.

Pedego City Commuter Electric Bike Review

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Howard Z. - Nassau, NY

Let me start by saying This place is amazing. It Has the best customer service you can imagine. When i first went to the store even with Chris not there i was treated with best and greatest service. Chris spent numerous times answering emails and messages from me. He felt bad that he was not there when i first came and spent an hour on the phone with me answering any questions I had on the bicycle i was interested in. This is by no means a regular store. What i mean by that, is that yes of course it is a business and they need to make some money but i never felt i was talked into needing anything I didnt want or had a use for. Also what is different about this store, is that it is not a typical store front. You need to call or email and make an appointment. Some people may feel turned off by that but let me explain. In my situation and experience i think it is actually a better set up that you make an appointment. Why ? Well, as I stated earlier, and keep repeating, this company, and Chris go far beyond in customer service what any other place does, trust me. When you make an appointment, Chris or his associates are able to devote their entire attention to you and your questions. How can you get any better than that ? One thing is that you may think because it's a personal appointment that they may try to talk you into buying something that you do not need. This is not the case and the total opposite. Chris explains any questions and options you may be interested in doing. For me, i really wanted a front and back light integrated into the bicycle which would run off the the bike battery. He contacted the Currie's technical support, that being my bicycle's brand, to see if it was possible. Sure enough, he found a way to get it done. Also, they let you test out any bicycle they have in stock. There was a few other options i wanted to change, such as a more comfortable seat for long rides, handle bar grips, a very good horn, an accessory bag, and attached tire pump, and a few other things. Chris helped make the process easy and made several recommendations. He knew from the start i did my research on this bicycle and any question i had that he didnt know right away, he made sure to find out quickly and responded back almost instantly. This really is a special place. I know there might be a few other places in NYC or what not that sell similar bicycles but I assure you that you will not receive the same customer support. Also, his pricing is very competitive. After you make your purchase Chris will personally deliver the bicycle to you if you are somewhat local and further explain any questions you may have. I really felt that Chris's goal was to make me happy and feel great about the purchase. I never once felt that it seemed he only cared about making a profit or extra money. In conclusion this store gets an A+++++++ from me in price and service and support. The owner Chris went way above and beyond to meet my personal needs on this bicycle. There is no doubt this is a top notch company. I wish every other place and company I have dealt with and that I will deal with show the same service to its customers how Chris and his company do.

Howard Z.
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